Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift for someone?
We have selected a choice of gifts for you.

With our laser device we can turn many products of our craft shop into a personal gift.
We will be happy to advise you on the choice of an appropriate gift.


Victorinox Sackmesser mit Lederetuis
Sackmesseretu Leder Fell Strauss
Sackmesser Victorinox

Victorinox pocket knife for young and old with personalized engraving, laser design or – for larger series – with a print.
Matching leather cases from our production, made of fur, ostrich leather or cowhide.

Service-Portemonnaie mit Halter
Portemonnaie Leder geprägt Traktor

Wallets with names or decorated with a logo.

Nageltasche Werkzeugtasche mit Laserung



A nail case or mason’s bag to the start of an apprenticeship, ski straps for nostalgic ski races as a give away, small bell with birthday wishes.

Schreibmappe Leder mit Laserung




Schreibmappe mit Fell und Reissverschluss

Writing cases with a personal dedication

Schreibmappe Leder Hirsch mit Laserung
Flachmann in diversen Grössen Laserbar

Little tins that you can fill yourself, be it with some Trauffer toy animals or with a pocket knife in a case.

Or, - perhaps a hipflask with engraving?