Sättu.ch Eigenfabrikat

The logo Sättu.ch®, our registered brand, assures you that the bags, cases, belts, wallets etc. have been manufactured in the workshop of the Blaser saddlery.

According to the motto: originating in Switzerland, made in the Emmental, the briefcases, pencilcases and bags made from cowhide are produced.

Handwersladen Fell Mappe Gurt

Some of the one-of-a-kind products are marked with the original yellow earmarks of the animal data bank and can be traced back.
We go directly to the regional farmers and butchers in order to choose the unique designs of the cowhides.
The guarantee of the tracability and the proof of the authentic Swiss cowhide are part of our philosophy.
The furs and skins will go directly from the butcher to our tannery. There they will go through the complete process of finishing the material and after six months they are delivered to us.


This is where for us the fascinating work starts – which part of the skin is best used for which product, for which bag or case?
How can the unique pattern of  the animal skin have its optimal effect? – Of course our customers have the opportunity to join us in this process of choosing the most suitable and most beautiful part of the skin.

Apart from cow hides we also offer fur and leather from deer, originating from local breeders and hunters. This is how we have the opportunity to produce bags and cases of unique leather and furs. The products from our artisan’s store are very suitable as gifts, for example a leather case made from deerskin with branding: „For your Graduation“ or „For your Anniversary“.

We can create a wonderful lining made from fur, which is pleasant to stroke.


The somewhat more exotic variety offered in our shop are bags and knife cases made from ostrich leather. The ostriches are being raised in Rohrbachgraben.
The Zeller tannery processes raw skins to high quality ostrich leather. The skilled hands of the Blaser saddlery manufacture them into fashionable bags and cases.

Handwerksladen Straussenleder Babu