Laser work

We bought a laser machine with a Co2 and fibre laser source in 2015. At that time, we didn't know what we would be able to do with this machine later on.

We can mark a wide variety of materials such as leather, wood, paper, cardboard and special plastic sheets and also cut them out with the laser up to a certain thickness.
We also have the possibility to inscribe brass or aluminium plates.

We would be happy to show you a few examples of what is possible.

Trouser belt with name

Trouser belt with edelweiss

John Deer trouser belt

Keyring drop

Keychain with logo

Festival trailer Hornusserfeste Wasen

Wallet with Bild

Ski Straps as Give-Away

Bell straps with company logo

Lid to accordion

Writing case with laser engraving

Signpost made of plastic sheet