Lama pack saddles and panniers

We are pleased to present you here the pack saddles and panniers of the company Sopris Unlimited. We are pleased to take over the representation of the American brand for Switzerland and Europe.

Sopris Unlimited is a multigenerational company with close ties to the Amish. Sopris believes that their unique relationship, which has been in place for over thirty years, is now more viable than ever. Their history with the Amish began in 1982 when Charlie Hackbarth's eighty-two year old Uncle Tant and his Amish friend Menno Hostetler were involved in the development of a pack saddle for llamas on Charlie's persuasion.

The assortment of pack saddles ranges from large to small, whether for llamas, alpacas, goats or even yack and reindeer.
We also have the popular panniers in different size


Pack Systems

HILL Pack System
A complete system to get your llama on the road for trips for a few days.

Includes :

  •     Sopris Roughy Saddle with Sopris Split Pad and quick draw cinches
  •     Sopris chest strap
  •     Sopris breeching
  •     Sopris Standard Panniers (set of 2) with horn straps.

Colors: Red

SCARP Pack System
A complete system, perfect for overnight trips.
Suitable for: llama, reindeer, mini donkey/mini horse, donkey, pony or yak

Includes :

  •     Sopris lumbar saddle with quick draw cinches
  •     Sopris chest strap
  •     Sopris Breeching
  •     Sopris Standard Panniers (set of 2)

Colors: Red

VALLEY Pack System
The complete system for your goat or alpaca to start a day trip.
The VALLEY packing system can also be used as a training package for young llamas (up to two years).


  • Sopris Rookie Saddle with quick draw cinches
  • Sopris Chest Strap
  • Sopris Breeching
  • Sopris Rookie panniers (set of 2)

Color: Red

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