Cases of all Sorts

We produce bags, cases and pouches for everyday articles or for your personal items from leather or textile fabrics.

Whether you want to wear or carry it, or whether it serves as a fashionable accessory, we will find a solution for your item.

Nageltasche Maurertasche Leder

Tool Bag


Case for Pruning Shears

Etui für Epi Pen

Case for EpiPens

Belt Pocket for Handsaws

Belt Case for Cell Phone Landscape Format

Case for GPS Transmitter on a Goat Bell

Zigaretten Etui

Belt Case for Moods Cigarettes

Keiltasche Holzerei Leder

Belt Pouch for Woodcutter’s Wedges

Victorinox Sackmesseretui

Cases for Pocket Knives

Combination of Cartridge Pouch and Knife Kit

Knife Cases on Customers‘ Request

Holder for Spray Cans