Repair Work

One of our strenghts is the professional repair of your harnesses.

Whether it be minor or comprehensive repairs, restoration work or a complete overhaul of your harness, we carry out this work in proper style and carefully for you.



We will restore your old looking harness to its former lustre. The harness is disassembled into individual parts; if you desire we will also remove the logs from the collar. The leather pieces are washed, every part is checked for open seams and brittle or defective areas. They are sewn or – if necessary – replaced.





The dismounted logs are ground, the cleaned wood is primed and varnished with the color you wish. The polished fittings are mounted to the freshly shining logs.




The repaired leather parts are painted black again and after drying they are treated with oil and grease.

At the same time the metal pieces of the harness are de-rusted, cleaned and polished with care products.

When all parts are shining and well tended again, the logs are attached onto the horse collar and the breast leather is fixed with new nails. Next, the decorative spikes are fitted to the logs so that they look pretty again.

Finally all the leather pieces are put together  and the final product is checked.

The freshly assembled harness is ready for its next outing.