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Cow Bells and "Treicheln"

Glocken und Treicheln

Carriage Driving


What we offer

Products for Dogs

Would you like to harness your dog? We offer dogs‘ harnesses, collars and leashes.


Bags, belts, writing cases, pencil cases of our own brand Sä, produced in our saddlery.

Carriage Driving

Harnesses, bridles, leashes or other accessories: Here you will find the information.

Guided Tours

What does a saddler do nowadays? We offer guided tours through our saddler’s workshop.

Our Saddlery

Would you like to learn more about our saddlery, events, links or about the saddler’s hobby?

Agricultural Products

What’s available: Bells in various sizes, shearing machines, tethers, but also electrical fences.

From our products

Handwersladen Fell Mappe Gurt

Belts, Cases and Bags

Solid belts, bags in various styles and cases of our own brand Sä

Cow Bells ( Cast) and "Treicheln" (Forged)

Cow bells and „Treicheln“ with embroidered or carved leather straps for every occasion

Harness - Market

Secondhand horse collars with harnesses in all sizes

Up - to - date

Nesting and feeding houses

We have a wide range of feeders, nesting boxes, whole villas and bee hotels for all kinds of birds in stock, which you can find in our shop or in our online shop

Lama pack saddles and bags

NEW IN SORTIMENT Pack saddles and panniers especially for llama. Suitable also for alpacas, goats, donkeys, dwarf donkeys, yaks and reindeer

Carved trouser belt

We are happy to make the leather carvings according to your wishes. Each belt is unique.

Insect protection for horses and cattle

lies, horseflies or mosquitoes

The annoying summer companions are active again.


In our assortment you will find a variety of different insect repellents.


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