The Horse Collar Maker („Kummetmacher“)

At our saddlery the horse collars are still manufactured in our own workshop.
We produce „Bündner-, Fuhr- and Spitzkummete“.

The creation and development of a horse collar


To produce our horse collars we only use first class cowskins from vegetable tanning. The skins have to be in high quality condition with minimal scarring. During the processing the leather is exposed to high pressure which can lead to the tearing of old scars and fissures.

The leather pieces are sewn together by hand and the body of the collar is turned thereafter. The body is then divided into two chambers and is prepared to be stuffed.


The bodies are stuffed in careful manual work with rye straw and horse hair.

The chock-full body is beaten into the correct form and is dried.

After a final filling and sewing of the opening the collar is ready for being tried on by the horse.
The completion of the new collar is finished only after it is tried on by the horse and to the customer’s satisfaction.


„Bündner-, Fuhr-, Spitzkummete“, all of them can be produced out of this basic horse-collar. The varieties, color of the leather, wooden pieces and metal fittings can be very divers.

Fuhrkummet Sattlerei Blaser
Bündnerkummet helle Scheiter Sattlerei Blaser
Bündnerkummet Spezial Rote Decke