Cowhides and wild animal skins


We offer a wide range of Swiss cow skins and also skins from local game.

All the skins we process and sell come from Switzerland.

The cow and cattle skins are from Swiss farms and we can guarantee the origin of each skin.
The skins are brought to Germany by a tannery in Switzerland and tanned there with pure vegetable tanning agents.
The skins then come to us in the handicraft shop.

The wild animal skins of roe deer, stag, fallow deer and fox come either from local hunting or from local breeding.
All game skins are tanned in our region on a purely vegetable basis.

Cow Normande

Scottish Highland Cattle

Cow Holstein

Fallow deer


Roe deer

We currently have around 35 Swiss cow skins of various breeds and sizes in stock, as well as a large number of deer, fallow deer, roe deer and fox skins from local breeding and hunting.

We have a selection of skins in our online shop, more skins can be viewed in our shop at any time.