Our Range of Bags

Each of our manufactured bags is a unique item. They are wholly produced in our saddlery in Wasen.


Handwerksladen Taschen Baba Babu Bubu

Baba Babu Bubu

Baba : small

Babu : medium

Bubu : large

material: cowhide (lid: cow- or calfhide)
              available in various colors

Tasche Leinenstoff mit Lederboden

Shopper Elin

material: linen made from Swiss Flax
             available with a leather base

with interior pocket and zip fastener

Handwerksladen Ledertasche Shopper mit Laserung

Shopper Ida

material: natural leather

options: open at the top or with zip fastener

Handwerksladen Felltasche CH Kuhfell Shopper Ohrmarke

Shopper Fela

material: Swiss cowhide with a leather base
with zip fastener
interior zip pocket and open storage pocket

Tasche Eigenfabrikat Alana

Tasche Alana

sporty shoulder bag
material: synthetic leather with interior lining
colors: blue or prune
inside: zip pocket and open storage pocket
closable outside pocket
adjustable shoulder straps

Handwerksladen Wolltasche Shopper Leder

Shopper Wola

material: woolen fabric with matching leather base
with zip fastener and interior pocket