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My Raising of Birds

Already as a schoolboy I was fascinated by the breeding of birds and fowl.
Among all the fowl the breed of the Cornish Hen was my favorite.
At many exhibitions I was very successful with them.
I wasn’t able to pursue aviculture because we didn’t have enough yard space.
During the time of building up our business I needed to abandon my hobby, so  there was only a small group of Welsum dwarf hens in our chicken coop.
About 10 years ago my children persuaded me to acquire the first birds.
A team mate of mine supported my daughters so that the dream became a reality. From then on some Agaponis fischeri and personata were twittering in front of our house.
In the past years we have had the opportunity to expand our collection of birds. With the help of the whole family there now exits a great variety of birds in our spacious aviary:

China Quails, Cockatiels, Regent Parrots, Green Rosellas, Red winged Parrots, Superb Parrots and a couple of Golden Pheasants.

A Part of our Aviary

Controlled Keeping of Birds

Agapornis fisheri

Agapornis personata

A couple of Superb Parrots

Regent Parrots / Juniors

A couple of Green Rosellas

Red winged Parrot, rooster

Wood Ducks

Baikal Teal

Golden Pheasant / Hens 

Golden Pheasant / Cock